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About is a web directory containing information and links on various topics. We strive to provide actual useful content. Which means for users, we can actually help when researching a topic and for website owners who submit their directories we can drive significant traffic.

Unlike many other link directories, our categories are filled with quality content. Additionally we provide the option to have your links included in our very specific categories. Our link pricing is a bit unusual. The first link review in any category costs $5, with the price doubling for every link after that. Thus you can rest assured that any category to which you submit a link will likely not have very many more added afterward. We editors will from time to time add links they think are relevant as well, but this process is unaffected by any request on the user's part. Additionally this will obviously affect subsequent review pricing in those categories.

Here's a table to give you an idea of how the pricing works:

First Link in a Category: $5.00
Second Link in a Category: $10.00
Third Link in a Category: $20.00
Fourth Link in a Category: $40.00
Fifth Link in a Category: $80.00
Sixth Link in a Category: $160.00
Seventh Link in a Category: $320.00
Eighth Link in a Category: $640.00
Nine Link in a Category: $1280.00
Tenth Link in a Category: $2560.00

Some other unusual aspects of our site is our tagging structure, to help you find categories you might want to which you might want to submit. Simply go to the Category Tags tab and you can browse for categories in which you might be interested, either for submitting or for reading. For more information, be sure to read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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